About Me

I like to think about God-stuff


I was born in South Africa (I won’t say when) but we moved around a lot when I was a kid. By the time I was nine we moved to my ninth city/town, and I had already lived all around Southern Africa and the United Kingdom. My family finally settled in Adelaide, Australia, but I was restless there, so left the country when I was 17 to go live and work in the hospitality sector in London. Since then, I’ve been to photography school in New York City, and also worked for seven months in New Delhi while studying a part time course in Comparative World Religions. At age 23 I went to full time university as a mature student and somehow managed to read a BA in ‘Theology, Religion and the Philosophy of Religion’ at the University of Cambridge. I’m now pursuing a Masters degree in Theology for Ministry and Mission while pioneering the Cambridge Theological Institute for Prisons.

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